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Advantages of Renters Insurance

Advantages of Renters Insurance

Although you don’t own your home or apartment, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have Renters Insurance! Regardless of your situation, we want to protect you and your possessions! Here are 4 of the most important reasons to have Renters Insurance:

  1. Protect your Personal Property

In the event of a major fire, weather related incident, theft, or another covered claim, your landlord’s policy will pay for the damage to the structure. However, their policy will pay ZIP, Zero, NADA for your personal property. If something like this occurs, how will you replace your possessions? Will you be out of luck and have to start over?

You may be thinking, “Meh, it’s not a big deal. I don’t have alot of stuff.” Although this may be the case, keep in mind that possessions accumulate overtime. You may not realize but between computers, furniture, gaming systems, TVs, you are already into the thousands of dollars to replace these. Now throw in clothes, jewelry, kitchen stuff, and you can see that this adds up quickly.

  1. Protect Yourself if Someone is Hurt in Your Apartment or Rental Home

If replacing all your “stuff” wasn’t enough to convince you, what if someone is injured inside your apartment? If the landlord isn’t liable, that person may come after you for medical expenses. What if they decide to sue you? Are you ready to pay for defense in a lawsuit? Renters insurance can provide coverage well beyond what you would be able to afford on your own.

  1. Additional Living Expenses

Some of you may recall the large apartment fire last year in Layton. 23 renters and their families were displaced due to this fire. Not only do you have to deal with your personal belongings potentially being lost. Now you have to find a new place to rent in a hurry. Do you have enough in your savings to do this quickly?

Almost every renters policy will come with “additional living expenses”. If not included, this can almost always be added on. This portion of the renters insurance can pay for hotel bills, temporary rentals, and even meals you incur while your current rental is being repaired or rebuilt. There is always a limit on this coverage but can be a lifesaver nonetheless!

  1. It’s Cheap!

If you’re thinking all of this sounds good but it’s still way too expensive. Most renters policies are only $10-20 per month and you can even get a discount on your auto policy to help offset the cost.

We want to protect each of you as our neighbors in our community regardless of your situation. We work with many insurance carriers and can shop around to make sure we find you the best rate for your situation! Give us a call today for a FREE, no obligation quote at 801-825-3887, email us at, or submit a request online!