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Should I Let Someone Borrow My Car?

Should I Let Someone Borrow My Car?

If I Let Someone Borrow My Car, Are They Covered?

We all do it, and it happens all the time! We have family or friends that are in town and just need to run to the grocery store. We have kids that are out on their own and have a vehicle break down, so we loan them the extra car for a week or two. Did you know that car insurance follows the car, not the driver? If you let someone borrow your vehicle, you may be on the hook for anything they do!

Regarless of how much you trust this friend or family member, if you let them borrow your car and they are at fault in an accident, you're insurance is likely going to pay the price. Your insurance takes primary coverage over your vehicle. With your policy being primary, the liability coverage will likely pay for any injuries or damages they cause up to your policy limit. Any damages to your vehicle will not be covered unless you have purchased collision coverage. If you have purchased collision, you will still have to pay your deductible in order to have your vehicle repaired.

How Will This Impact My Insurance?

First and foremost, if your vehicle is not insured- DO NOT LET ANYONE DRIVE IT! Fines, licensing, and financial trouble could easily be on it's way if you make this mistake!

Anytime there is an at fault accident in one of your vehicles, you can expect your rates to increase. How much will they increase? Well that depends on the carrier and other factors such as discounts you have, how many accidents you already have, and more. It could be as little as $300 more per year or it could be quite a bit worse... Many insurance carriers look at these borrowed vehicle accidents a little more harshly. If you have too many accidents, you could be in jeopardy of having your policy non-renewed. This means your insurance carrier does not want to continue the relationship and you will have to find other insurance. This generally will cost you more than just having a rate increase.

If injuries or damages are serious, the injured party may choose to bring suit against the driver, registered owner of the vehicle, and named insured on the car insurance policy. This can get very ugly, very quickly for everyone involved! This is a risk you need to be aware of.

So, Should I Let Someone Borrow My Car?

It's safer for your vehicles and insurance if you don't but this is up to you! Life is all about weighing the risks, maybe this isn't a huge risk for you but at least you know a little bit more of how that can impact you! Please call/email/text us if you have more questions or would like to further the discussion!

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