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Ice Dams are Not Friends!

Ice Dams

Have you ever noticed those beautiful icicles dripping down from your roof? They are so picturesque but they could spell trouble in the form of an ice dam. An ‘ice dam’ forms as ice and snow begin to melt off your roof then refreezes down at the edge of your roof. Once the ice dam forms it prevents other water from draining off your roof into the gutter properly. Pooling water can cause damage to your roof and may even find its way to the interior of your home. This may cause a pretty big headache... but ice dams are preventable!

Identifying an Ice Dam

Do you know what to look for? Just having icicles doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an ice dam on your home. You will want to take a step back and see if there’s ice where there shouldn’t be, such as on the edge of the roof or behind the rain gutter. If you see ice where you shouldn’t, please do not just ignore it! Ice dams can result in leaks through the roofing material, damaging ceilings, walls, roof structure and insulation. 

Preventing Damage

Although we’re hopefully nearing the end of our winter weather, you may still want to take steps to prevent ice dams through the rest of the season (or remedy them if you have them)!

Here are a few steps to take now or before next winter:

  • Clear your rain gutters of all debris
  • Make sure you have adequate insulation in your attic
  • Have a roofer verify you have proper attic ventilation
  • Clear snow SAFELY from the edges or your roof if possible
  • If you already have an ice dam, you can try using a nylon stocking filled with calcium chloride ice melt and place it on the ice dam itself, so that it melts a channel through the dam
  • If you cannot do any of these items safely, please consider hiring a professional! 

We have many restoration companies that can assist in clearing ice dams or repair any of the damage an ice dam has already caused. Please make sure you know what your homeowners insurance deductible is and know what your policy covers! If you have any questions or need a professional to come assist you, please call us today at one of our offices!