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Auto Policy Liability Limits

Auto Policy Liability Limits

Do you know what liability limits cover on your auto policy? Do you know what your liability limits are? Your policy Liability Limits are one of the most important parts of your auto policy.

State Minimums Aren’t Enough!

The State of Utah requires a minimum liability limit of $25,000 per person for bodily injury and $65,000 per incident. This type of coverage protects you and your assets if you injure another person in an accident. The minimum coverage is hardly ever enough!As many of you know, medical bills and costs to repair/replace vehicles are ever increasing! If you seriously injure someone causing $100,000 in medical bills, but only have $25,000 of coverage, you may be in BIG trouble.. 

The same is applicable for your property damage liability. On average, a new car costs $30,000. If you have the state minimum of $15,000 on your auto policy, you may be on the hook for any additional damage you cause. If the other party decides to lawyer up, they could be coming after your home, vehicles, savings or your other assets to cover damages.

Hopefully you're asking yourself, "What is a good coverage level for me?" If you own a home and/or multiple cars, we would suggest at least: 

  • $100,000 per person

  • $300,000 per accident for bodily injury

  • $100,000 for physical damage

Your auto policy also has limits that protect you if someone else is at fault, injures you, and has no insurance/lower liability limits. Your underinsured and uninsured bodily injury limits are just as or even more important than your other liability limits! This is an area where you really don’t want to be underinsured!

If you think your limits are too low, would like a quote on higher limits, or simply would like to know what your coverage limits are, please give us a call today. Don’t wait until that accident to find out your limits are too low because everyone knows insurance stinks, until you need it!!! Call 801-825-3557, email, or message us on our website, Facebook, or Instagram!