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Shop Local

Shop Local

Shop Local!

As I think we are all aware, many small businesses have been greatly impacted by the Covid-19 situation. Although shopping local has always been key in keeping our local economy strong, it is more crucial now to support local businesses every chance we get!

Seek out Local and Independently Owned Businesses

You can help the small businesses you love by continuing to purchase their products and services. Although some business operations may still be limited, many of our favorites have been operating online or by phone if their doors have not been opened! Shop these businesses online or give them a call!

What else can we do?

  • Buy Something Extra. Buy something for a friend or family member for a future gift (for a birthday, holiday, or for fun!)

  • Order Carry-Out. With limited dine-in service happening, continue ordering takeout/curbside. Even bookstores have been offering curbside pickup!

  • Be Flexible. Everyone has been impacted by this, chill out and go with the flow.

  • Buy Gift Cards. This can help provide that business with income to help them stay afloat and means “free” shopping for you in the future.

  • Donate Your Ticket. Have a show or performance that was cancelled due to the pandemic? Consider donating that price of admission to the organization rather than demanding a refund.

  • Leave a Review. This is an easy way to help drive traffic to your favorite business. Find them on Google or social media and leave some positive feedback!

Local Farming Continues!

Many farmers’ markets are closed or are being very limited due to the pandemic, but fresh produce and other food products are still available. Check out your local farmers’ market website or find a CSA near you and buy local rather than going to the chain grocery store nearby!

We want to see our communities continue to flourish and have passionate local businesses growing! Let’s all do our part to support our local businesses!